Villa Tour

Exploring the Valhalla St. John Villa

As you step through the welcoming embrace of the villa’s double doors, flanked by the resplendent stained glass windows that once adorned a 1930s cruise ship, your voyage into opulence commences. Turn left, and a realm of elegance unfolds – the two main bedroom suites, each an embodiment of lavish comfort. The journey begins with the Cinnamon Bay Suite, a haven of sophistication. Its distinctive bathroom showcases two separate vanities, adorned with tiles crafted onsite during the original construction of the house. These cherished details resonate with the Villa’s history, a thread that weaves through every corner. Adjacent to this oasis of repose is an air-conditioned office space, a testament to our commitment to your convenience. Notably, the sofa within this space is a testament to our dedication to bespoke luxury. Inspired by a magazine image, our Villa owner took on the task of recreating it, enlisting the skills of a Bali-based designer to bring the vision to life.

As your journey continues, the end of the hall reveals the Trunk Bay Suite. This retreat is defined by an inviting entry vestibule and a lavish bathroom that exudes elegance. Both bedrooms, including the Cinnamon Bay and Trunk Bay Suites, seamlessly open out to the veranda. From this vantage point, a sweeping panorama of Cinnamon Bay and the British Virgin Islands beyond unfolds, offering a mesmerizing tableau of nature’s grandeur. This level of the villa also graciously offers a conveniently located half bath. It’s a thoughtful addition, designed to cater to your comfort whether you’re gathered in the great room or enjoying moments around the kitchen.

As you turn right from the entry, you step into the main upstairs living area of the villa, a sanctuary where luxury meets comfort. Our grand living room boasts an exquisite ceiling that stands as a true work of art, setting the tone for elegance. Sink into the plush seating and be greeted by awe-inspiring views that open up before you, inviting relaxation and indulgence. To your right, a culinary masterpiece awaits – the brand new gourmet chef’s kitchen. This epicurean haven showcases a collection of high-end appliances that redefine cooking excellence. Among them, the impressive 48” Viking refrigerator freezer stands as a testament to cutting-edge convenience. The signature kitchen range is a culinary dream, offering a harmonious blend of induction, gas, and sous-vide options. The cabinetry, crafted with meticulous care, boasts solid mahogany sourced from Nicaragua, infusing an element of timeless craftsmanship. Noteworthy is the range hood, a masterpiece inspired by the original fireplace in the dining room – a cherished relic of the house’s history.

Flowing seamlessly from the kitchen and adjacent to the living room is our versatile bar, breakfast, and game room. This space epitomizes our commitment to your comfort and enjoyment. The fully stocked bar setup, featuring a beverage center, bar sink, and ice maker, promises delightful moments of relaxation. What’s more, this room transforms effortlessly into an exquisite dining area, ready to accommodate larger parties or become a hub of strategic card games and engaging chess matches. Completing this extravagant expanse is the dining room, a haven of togetherness. At its center is a grand round dining table, where up to ten cherished guests gather for unforgettable meals. Every dining experience becomes an indulgence of connection against the backdrop of the panoramic vistas that only this villa can offer. The journey continues as the great room and dining room gracefully unfold, revealing the upper veranda. This outdoor haven offers a multitude of seating and lounging options, each providing a unique perspective, all sharing what we firmly believe is the finest view on St. John.

To the right of the veranda, a gentle descent leads to the outdoor living and dining area – a paradise for aficionados of the al fresco lifestyle. Here, a complete outdoor kitchen beckons, equipped with an integrated gourmet gas grill, a refrigerator, and an ice maker. The outdoor dining table, comfortably accommodating ten, invites you to indulge in culinary delights amid the embrace of nature. The outdoor living room welcomes you with two luxuriously deep 7-foot sofas, adorned with plump pillows to ensure your utmost comfort. It’s the perfect place to unwind, whether you’re basking in the sun’s warmth while overlooking the pool or treating yourself to a movie night under the stars with the outdoor TV. For added convenience, there’s an easily accessible half bath poolside, ensuring your comfort is never compromised. Continuing your exploration, to the right of the outdoor living space lies another of our premium suites – the Maho Bay Suite. Maho is a haven of sophistication, adorned with an intricate high ceiling that speaks to our commitment to architectural artistry. The suite boasts its own private balcony, an intimate retreat to savor the breathtaking surroundings. The ensuite bath, a sanctuary of luxury, features double sinks that elevate your indulgence.On the right side of the outdoor living room, a circular stairway leads you to the lower level, unveiling our fourth bedroom suite – the Francis Bay Suite. Francis exudes opulence, featuring its own covered outdoor space just beyond the bedroom, thoughtfully designed to also serve as the Villa’s exclusive workout area. Notably, the Francis suite reigns as the largest among our offerings. It’s a testament to our dedication to providing the utmost in space and comfort. Large sliding doors open as a Juliette balcony, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living. The ensuite bath is a symphony of indulgence, featuring double sinks that underscore our commitment to offering you the very best.

Returning to the expansive outdoor living area, a new chapter of delights awaits as you follow the stairs around and behind the outdoor kitchen, leading you to the lower pool and the captivating lower level. Here, an oasis of relaxation unfolds, anchored by the allure of our bottom pool, accompanied by its concealed gem – the secret grotto! The surrounding patio embraces the allure of leisure, inviting moments of unwinding by offering additional dining options and a romantic porch swing that invites you to while away the hours. As you step into the lower level, a haven of comfort and functionality reveals itself – the bunk room. This space is a sanctuary of leisure, thoughtfully designed to cater to your needs. It offers lounging space that extends a warm invitation to relaxation, a breakfast table where you can start your day in comfort, and a fully equipped kitchenette complete with a sink, refrigerator, and dishwasher – the essentials that elevate your experience.

Adjacent to the bunk room, a realm of entertainment unfolds – the media room. It’s a haven of cinematic pleasure where you can immerse yourself in your favorite movies or TV shows. The adjacent full bathroom ensures that every convenience is at your fingertips, serving the needs of the bunk room with grace. Stepping onto another covered outdoor deck, you encounter our final suite – the Jumby Bay Suite – to your left. Jumby Bay boasts extraordinary views that capture the beauty of Cinnamon Bay from two directions, adding a touch of enchantment to your stay. The suite’s ensuite bath is a masterpiece of indulgence, offering a sanctuary of relaxation. Finally, for the ultimate in relaxation, follow the stairs down from the outdoor decks to discover our garden hot tub. This sublime oasis accommodates up to four adults, offering the perfect spot to unwind on cooler winter evenings. Like every corner of the Villa, its views are nothing short of awe-inspiring.

We are confident that your experience at the Villa will be extraordinary, where every inch of the space has been designed to provide both communal moments and personal privacy. Hosting 16 friends simultaneously is a testament to the spaciousness that prevails without ever feeling crowded. At the heart of it all, our mission is to offer an unparalleled retreat – a sanctuary where each momentinvites you to savor life’s finest pleasures.

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